Sometimes a Weed Looks Like a Flower (Sin in Disguise)


Sometimes a Weed Looks Like a Flower - Sin in Disguise

It's October in Texas, which means it's finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors again! I was out walking my dogs earlier this week, enjoying the shining sun, the cool breeze, and the beautiful scenery in my neighborhood. A lot of the houses have gorgeous flowers planted in front of them. However, I kept noticing clumps of flowers that looked like tiny daisies throughout patches of grass on my walk. "How pretty.", I thought, as I leaned in to take a picture. 

They weren't flowers though. They were weeds. Did anyone else used to love dandelions as a kid, and wonder why our parents didn't? Every time we made a wish on a fuzzy dandelion, we were unknowingly spreading more weeds throughout our parents' front lawn.

Sin can act the same way. Sometimes disguised as, well, not sin at all. That's what makes sin so tempting. If sin were to show its true colors all the time, people would probably be less likely to sin, and the enemy would hate that. In order for the enemy to trick us into sinning, he must present sin to us as anything but evil. He might even present sin to us as good works!

"I'm not hot-tempered or angry, I'm just passionate!"

"I'm not gossiping, I'm just concerned about my coworker."

"I'm not controlling, I'm just a natural-born leader."

"I'm not prideful, I just want to inspire people by telling them about my good works."

"I'm not judgmental, I just want to steer others closer to Jesus."

We are all sinners. We can also be easily tempted into looking at our sin as a flower instead of a weed. Sometimes the attractiveness of sin can blind us from seeing a weed as a weed. A weed that will keep on spreading until you realize what it is. The Bible tells us that whenever a sinner addresses her sin and repents, the angels in heaven rejoice! (Luke 15:10) We should also rejoice when we identify our sins, because not only does it allow us to ask for forgiveness, but it can help us identify similar "weeds" in the future, and hopefully stop them from spreading.

God, I ask you to open my eyes and help me see my sins for what they are. I ask you to forgive me of these unknown sins.

"How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults." - Psalm 19:12

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